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Here at Corkscrew Appraisals, we have two general aims:

  • To help members of the public appraise/value their corkscrews and corkscrew collections, providing as much information as possible.
  • To provide serious collectors and enthusiasts with information concerning many different corkscrews.

Continually in development this website focuses on educating, enthusing and encouraging research.

If you feel you have something that is of interest to others, just a short paragraph or a complete research article,
please feel free to Contact Us. It would be great to open this site up to other collectors and encourage open sharing
of information.

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What now??
Where is our corkscrew collecting hobby heading?  I am sure everyone is aware of the changes effecting the present market place for corkscrews, prices seem to be going down quickly.  Things are no longer easy to sell and most established collections have drastically reduced in value.  However, all is not lost, if someone wanted...

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Thank you Mr Kirby!!
Well, with the market for corkscrews being as deflated as it is at the moment I can report a corkscrew purchase. I managed to land a nice early two pillar English corkscrew from across the water last week. I have bought approximatly three corkscrews in the last few months, very few. This latest piece was by no means a bargain but i...

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Multi-Tool Bow Corkscrew, Rarest Example??
Below is an English Multi-Tool Bow Corkscrew with 11 tools, could this be the worlds rarest example of its type? Look very carefully at the images...what do you see that is VERY different? These bow corkscrews are easy to find but some of the rarest examples are those with cartridge extractors. There are a few examples known with s...

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