John D. Jackson III's Corkscrew Story.

Posted: 03/08/2021

My story about antique corkscrews is as follows:  First, being from New Orleans, LA, I was familiar with antiques.  New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the USA.  I also like history so antiques are interesting to me.


I was first bitten by the antique corkscrew bug while in Houston, TX in 2015 because I heard about an antique convention where some of the proceeds went to charity.  I wanted to check it out.  While walking around, I met two antique dealers that also sold antique corkscrews.  I was fascinated by these antique corkscrews and purchased some.  My interest grew when I started reading about the different corkscrew manufactures, designs, construction and patents.


My interest in quality antique corkscrews grows stronger today.


John D. Jackson III.





My friend on the left is the "Very handsome and Famous Fletcher Wallis", JD is the other handsome man on the right!!

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