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What now?? - 08/02/2014

Where is our corkscrew collecting hobby heading?  I am sure everyone is aware of the changes effecting the present market place for corkscrews, prices seem to be going down quickly.  Things are no longer easy to sell and most established collections have drastically reduced in value.  However, all is not lost, if someone wanted to start collecting corkscrews today, many bargains could be purchased.  Likewise, established collectors could, if brave and patient, increase their collections for little outlay. For me the new market place is an interesting and exciting one, to be honest I had all but lost interest in collecting but now it seems things have gone...

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Thank you Mr Kirby!! Thank you Mr Kirby!! - 08/02/2014

Well, with the market for corkscrews being as deflated as it is at the moment I can report a corkscrew purchase. I managed to land a nice early two pillar English corkscrew from across the water last week. I have bought approximatly three corkscrews in the last few months, very few. This latest piece was by no means a bargain but it arrived this morning in good condition and very well packaged, a fair deal was had by both seller and buyer. Below are a couple of images of the piece.   ...

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Multi-Tool Bow Corkscrew, Rarest Example?? Multi-Tool Bow Corkscrew, Rarest Example?? - 03/10/2014

Below is an English Multi-Tool Bow Corkscrew with 11 tools, could this be the worlds rarest example of its type? Look very carefully at the images...what do you see that is VERY different? These bow corkscrews are easy to find but some of the rarest examples are those with cartridge extractors. There are a few examples known with several tools one of which is a cartridge extractor plus there are other examples which have an extractor fitted to the frame, both are uncommon and sought after by collectors.   ...

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There you go!! Again freedom of speach has been supressed!! - 01/09/2014

It's a very sad day if you ask me!! Peter Borrett has discontinued his popular blog, a black day for all collectors. Why you may ask? Reading between the lines I imagine he has been bullied and not for the first time. I am a very close friend of Peter, he is a  good person, I choose my friends carefully and have few!! I know of several occasions when he has been asked by fellow collectors to remove sesitive but factual blog posts and he has done so, wrongly in my view. No one can choose all their words perfectly but as long as the facts are accurate that should be enough.  We live in the western world, in a so called "democracy" but i...

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Some voices are allowed to be heard, others are silenced!! - 01/08/2014

Many years ago I realised we don't live in a real democracy, parties are voted in, often only to ignore promises and to tell lies to the public. Now it seems corkscrew collectors with websites are no longer allowed freedom of speach!!  I often hear requests from people who don't like what others have written even though the words are true, all be it I hear these noises via a third party. We all have strong opinions on many matters including the state of the corkscrew market, the present value of corkscrews, whether the number of collectors is falling etc.  I am in support of my friend Peter Borrett, I love his blog, as I know many others do. His latest b...

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Ian Hunter's Corkscrew Story. - 01/08/2014

It started in 1994 when I bought my first  collectable corkscrew. I was in London ,from Sydney on business, and feeling flush. The perfect customer! Walking  into an antique shop in Kings Road, Chelsea  called Antiquarius, I saw a whole lot of great looking  antique corkscrews in Sue Emerson's shop.I bought a Thomason for....400 pounds because I thought it would great in my cellar. I was into wine then.  It just grew from there. In the mid 90's pre ebay, as well as poking around in Australia finding too many Adelaide corkscrews , I...

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Peter Borrett's Corkscrew Story. Peter Borrett's Corkscrew Story. - 01/08/2014

Back in 2002, my wife Ruth & I would often visit car boot sales, jumble sales & the occasional local antique fair. Between us we would buy all sorts of house filling odds & sods. One day I suggested to Ruth that maybe we should be more specific in our purchases & take to collecting just one thing each. I wasn't sure at first what I'd collect but after seeing the diversity of corkscrews in an antique reference book my mind was made up.   My first few purchases were in the less than a pound range. To be honest, we had very little left over cash to spend, so fuelling my new hobby was never going to be easy.   ...

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Vangelis Gerovassiliou Corkscrew Story. - 01/08/2014

Gerovassiliou My collection In 1975, after my studies in Agronomy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I left for Bordeaux to study Oenology. During my internship, I visited, with my fellow students, the wineries in the area. I had the luck to be in the team of Emile Peynaud. We visited the best Chateaux of France and tasted exceptional wines. In these chateaux, with the exceptional architectural style, there were collections of past generation vinification tools, including some ancient Greek exhibits. I took this fact to heart and therefore a desire to collect viti-vinicultural tools- items myself was born. I decided to become a collector. T...

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Norman Wright's Corkscrew Story. - 01/08/2014

Hi Steve, I have already done a ‘who are we’ in the Worme but here are a couple of paras. for you as requested.   Having purchased a house in France in the late 80’s  we found ourselves visiting broncantes, antiquaires and depot vente regularly but buying nothing – we must start a collection – what could that be.   Our interest in wine had grown, we love visiting vineyards and tasting what was on offer so we decided that we should collect corkscrews.  At that time we thought that they were small and easily transported, plentiful, cheap and no-one else would be collecting, how wrong could we have been on almost...

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A relative of the early French piece in the last blog. A relative of the early French piece in the last blog. - 12/11/2013

Here is an early French corkscrew offered for sale in the last ICCA auction. It has similar features to the piece in the last blog article. It has a similar but heavier worm, stronger, possibly the reason more examples are found. This piece never reached it's reserve and ended at around £180, another sign of prices falling, surely this piece has a value higher than that it achieved at auction?     The image below shows the handle in more detai...

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