Ian Hunter's Corkscrew Story.

Posted: 01/08/2014

It started in 1994 when I bought my first  collectable corkscrew. I was in London ,from Sydney on business, and feeling flush. The perfect customer! Walking  into an antique shop in Kings Road, Chelsea  called Antiquarius, I saw a whole lot of great looking  antique corkscrews in Sue Emerson's shop.I bought a Thomason for....400 pounds because I thought it would great in my cellar. I was into wine then.  It just grew from there. In the mid 90's pre ebay, as well as poking around in Australia finding too many Adelaide corkscrews , I was buying from Sykes....until I somehow got onto  Chris Barge's "catalogues" which were, lets say, somewhat cheaper. In my travels  I also discovered Andre Burgos in New York and Patricia Harbottle at Portobello.

The Thomason I bought in 1994 is an original with Thomason badge and detachable brush. I went through a long period thinking it may be defective because the fixing on top of the handle was an inset flat piece of metal instead of the usual nut.

I kept muddling along on ebay,  but losing interest (and income) in the early 2000's. My interest was really revived in 2006 when Nick Hunt organised a CCCC meeting in Sydney and I  tentatively attended my first corkscrew meeting.Since then I've become a bit obsessive...and the wine collection is gone. No room!

Steve,use what if any you want of that


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Lesley - 22/04/2015

Thanks for referring me here Ian I have put this site in my favourites for future reference.

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