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Robert Jones Mechanical Corkscrews. Robert Jones Mechanical Corkscrews. - 04/16/2012

It may not be common knowledge but there are at least three mechanical corkscrews manufactured by Robert Jones & Sons, 105 Cheapside, Birmingham. All three corkscrews are very sought after by collectors. It is interesting that there are variations of all of these Jones corkscrews. Jones 1 is the most common of the three and can be found in various forms, with several different markings to the barrels as well as two forms of spikes, one being triangular in cross section and the other circular with a flat to the inside surface.     ...

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Sir Edward Thomasons "Red" Corkscrew. Sir Edward Thomasons "Red" Corkscrew. - 04/16/2012

Imagine the setting, the year is 1840 and the scene is set for a formal dinner party at a large private residence.  Important guests are sat around a long table, partaking in a banquet. Candles are producing a glimmering light and resting on the table is a fantastic red corkscrew manufactured by Edward Thomason.   In its day this corkscrew truly would have stood out with its red lacquer finish.  Notice the badge, unusually fixed to the barrel by two rivets.  Most definitely this ...

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Charles Osborne & Co Improved Patent Corkscrew. Charles Osborne & Co Improved Patent Corkscrew. - 03/12/2012

A Thomason type corkscrew with decorated barrel has come to light this month in the UK. This Thomason has a bronze barrel embossed with leaves, grapes and fruits, often refered to as "the autumnal fruit design". This example is unusual in several ways.       The embossed decoration to the barrel as shown in the images is very crisp and detailed.   ...

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Antique Corkscrew Collecting - It's Not Easy!! Antique Corkscrew Collecting - It's Not Easy!! - 03/10/2012

Corkscrew collecting has started moving slowly in 2012.  My sixth antiques fair of the year was a repeat visit to Ardingly, a large fair in the South of England.  Another early start and an anxious wait to enter the fair.  Handing over my £20 note, I managed to get into the fair just before 8am, feeling rather late.  It was freezing cold, as usual this time of year in the UK but fortunately it was not raining. After searching for nearly two hours, I found a German duckbill type corkscrew and after a further twenty minutes I found a champagne cork remover in the form of a pair of pliers.   This piece was marked "DRGM" and was...

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New Corkscrews For Sale Added! - 01/25/2012

Today I have added 4 more corkscrews which are for sale in the Corkscrews For Sale section of this site. German Ladies Legs Corkscrew, Single Finger Loop Picnic Corkscrew, 18th Century Unusual Straight Pull Corkscrew, ...

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Collecting Antique corkscrews at Ardingly Antiques Fair 2012 Collecting Antique corkscrews at Ardingly Antiques Fair 2012 - 01/10/2012

Well the New Year had arrived and it was time for the first large antique fair.  Ardingly in the South of England was the venue. The antiques fair is held at the South of England show ground which is approximately half an hour drive by car from London. I jumped out of bed at 3.50am grabbed a quick bite to eat and I was out the door, with a 150 mile drive ahead of me. I arrived at the show ground on schedule. The gates for buyers opened at 9am but I needed to get in early with the stallholders. My plan was to stand by the roadside waving a £20 note; it worked, half an hour later I had got in. I felt I had a trump card, the previous day I had spoken to Peter B...

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Antique corkscrew Eau de Cologne de Jean Marie Farina Antique corkscrew Eau de Cologne de Jean Marie Farina - 12/20/2011

Eau de Cologne is a perfume in a style that originated from Cologne, Germany. The first Eau de Cologne was a spirit/citrus based perfume. Launched in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina an Italian Perfume Maker from Piedmont, Italy. An example of an interesting pocket corkscrew/knife combination with celluloid scales has come to light. The corkscrew combination is marked on the celluloid scales; “Johann Bapt Farina & Co” “Julichs Platz No 2” ...

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