Antique corkscrew Eau de Cologne de Jean Marie Farina

Posted: 12/20/2011

Eau de Cologne is a perfume in a style that originated from Cologne, Germany. The first Eau de Cologne was a spirit/citrus based perfume. Launched in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina an Italian Perfume Maker from Piedmont, Italy.

An example of an interesting pocket corkscrew/knife combination with celluloid scales has come to light. The corkscrew combination is marked on the celluloid scales;

  • “Johann Bapt Farina & Co”
  • “Julichs Platz No 2”

Along with the corkscrew combination an original Eau de Cologne bottle from c1888 has also surfaced. The bottle known as “The Rosoli Bottle” is made from green hand blown glass. It has the cork remaining in the neck of the bottle with the original decorative label advertising the contents which obviously would have been Eau de Cologne. Like the corkscrew combination the bottle is marked with the makers name and address.

Eau de Cologne from the Farina house was sold in “The Rosoli Bottle” up until 1832, after which the bottle shape changed.

Interestingly today the company “Roger & Gallet” produce an Eau de Cologne named “Jean Marie Farina”; in fact they market a complete range of products with this name.

This corkscrew/knife combination fits the description found in the book “Corkscrews British Registered Designs” by Frank Ellis and Barbara Ellis.

The corkscrew was granted Registered Design Protection on the 4th December, 1888. The Registration No for this piece is 115250. The description of the corkscrew in the book suggests that the name and the address on the scales would be crossed out under registration policy but this does not seem to be the case at least with this example.

This image shows the corkscrew in an open position. The example found is in very good condition, both blades are sharp and the worm is full length. The piece is very decorative and desirable to corkscrew collectors.

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Ron Smith - 27/06/2012

Why don't you put on a link to the wikipedia site about farina, there are pictures and its quite interesting. In fact there are lots of links you could put on this blog about your other short pieces. Links are the answer to getting more hits!!
Ron Smith - 27/06/2012

As far as I know the registration policy refers specifically only to the drawing not showing details of the maker, especially when they are foreign, as this is a British registration.

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