Sir Edward Thomasons "Red" Corkscrew.

Posted: 04/16/2012

Imagine the setting, the year is 1840 and the scene is set for a formal dinner party at a large private residence.  Important guests are sat around a long table, partaking in a banquet.

Candles are producing a glimmering light and resting on the table is a fantastic red corkscrew manufactured by Edward Thomason.


In its day this corkscrew truly would have stood out with its red lacquer finish.  Notice the badge, unusually fixed to the barrel by two rivets.  Most definitely this is an early example.

Interestingly, corkscrews were made with various coloured finishes, including gold, red, lilac, brown and white.

These coloured piece rarely surface, although there have been several examples with the red finish similar to the one in this article.

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Ron Smith - 24/06/2012

Why don't we imagine the banquet taking place in 1802 when this corkscrew was probably made, by 1840 they were being turned out by the thousand and you didn't need a large private residence to own one! All guests are of equal importance in my world!

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