Some voices are allowed to be heard, others are silenced!!

Posted: 01/08/2014

Many years ago I realised we don't live in a real democracy, parties are voted in, often only to ignore promises and to tell lies to the public. Now it seems corkscrew collectors with websites are no longer allowed freedom of speach!! 

I often hear requests from people who don't like what others have written even though the words are true, all be it I hear these noises via a third party. We all have strong opinions on many matters including the state of the corkscrew market, the present value of corkscrews, whether the number of collectors is falling etc. 

I am in support of my friend Peter Borrett, I love his blog, as I know many others do. His latest blog article is in my view spot on as to the state of the market and I encourage him to keep voicing his opinion, that is what I intend to do. Most of us who sell corkscrews do it for fun not as a living, we have "proper" jobs or businesses, don't take the fun away!!

Face the fact, and it is a fact, prices are dropping, more pieces are coming on the market than can be absorbed by the present number of collectors and remember we all have the right to our own opinion and to state the facts as they are.


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Graeme - 08/01/2014

Couldn't agree more well said!!

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