ICCA April 2013.

Posted: 03/28/2013

Well folks the next ICCA auction is nearly upon us!! I can't wait to see what is on offer, maybe a couple of great English pieces will come my way fingers crossed!!

I have several good pieces I am hoping to list among which is a rare possibly unique 3.5 window Thomason varient!! I have a different strategy for this sale, as I have been advised by an ICCA member to try listing with no reserves. I will list all my offerings like this so they will all appear in "Green", fingers crossed. You never know someone may get a bargin.

See a few of the corkscrews I hope to list below.




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ron smith - 15/05/2013

3.5 windows is NOT unique! 3.75 or 3.25 might be.
Gavin - 08/04/2013

Nice item's Steve. I also have a few great pieces to list.
Wineleopard - 06/04/2013

Steven, Looks great! I just picked up a rare DRGM corkscrew that I will be listing. Good luck! Cheers, Robert

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