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Posted: 01/23/2013

As promised an Article has now been added to the "articles " section. It discusses John Coneys Patent Corkscrew and an example linked to J P Muirhead and James Watt. Take a look it's an interesting read!! 

As per a previous blog another article is on its way, entitled: "An occult mechanical ratchet corkscrew of a previously unrecorded form". All the text has been written, just images to be added. This article has been written by Fletcher Wallis and myself. The featured corkscrew really is outstanding most probably a one off or prototype never put into production so watch this space!! It will be added towards the end of next week.

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Steven Webb - 23/05/2013

It is now in the "Articles" section.
Ian Hunter - 12/02/2013

The 'occult' piece is amazing and I look forward to reading some expert commentary on this. Where would I look for comments on it?

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