Corkscrewappraisals Website Anniversary.

Posted: 01/14/2013  This website for Corkscrew collectors has been live now for just over a year. Viewing figures have been really encouraging far exceeding our expectations.

Many detailed and informative articles have been written and much indepth research carried out.  Brian May a keen corkscrew collector from Australia has been an inspiration to me and has worked tirelessly along side myself and others.  His research and enthusiasm I believe is unrivalled.  This is an opportunity to publically thank him for all his hard work!! 

Other collectors too have contributed articles and information and I am grateful to them.  One thing that is a little disapppointing is the amount of opinion and feedback from readers.  I was really hoping the website would encourage this.  Maybe I am doing something seriously wrong?  All comments and criticism are welcome.

One area we feel has been a bit lacking is the blog section of the website.  We intend this year to improve on the blog, making blogging more frequent, whilst hoping not to dilute the more serious research content found in the "articles" section.  Blogs will be kept short and will aim to encourage interaction and opinion.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for there support over the last year.


Steven Webb.



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Ian Hunter - 12/02/2013

I have really enjoyed Brian's articles. I note that he shares your distaste for some of my collecting fetishes ...Australian can openers....and the great and only Australian mechanical do I add a picture here?
Gavin - 14/01/2013

Looking forward to reading the new content this year.

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