Brian May's Corkscrew Story...

Posted: 07/21/2013

Why I collect: Brian May


My story is not very exciting. On 10 September 2006 I saw an unusual corkscrew at an antique store in High Street, Strathalbyn, a very English type town, south of Adelaide. It was marked “Victorian Armstrong Corkscrew (folding)” with a note that the corkscrew appeared in “Millers Collectibles page 185, 2001”. It was in an appalling state with an appalling price tag. It was unusual to see an old English corkscrew and I was particularly impressed that such a corkscrew should be listed somewhere, and as well it folded. I bought it.  This was my first corkscrew. Then a short time later Nick Hunt appeared on the television show “Collectors” with some amazing corkscrews. I said to Helen, I think I will collect corkscrews. There I said it was boring.



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