Ron Smith's Corkscrew Story.

Posted: 08/15/2013

I am not sure about this story...this Ron Smith guy is obviously a corkscrew collector or is into corkscrews in some way. He often comments on articles and blogs on the website, some comments are positive some are not but I rarely remove comments hoping to encourage more people to comment. Obviously Rons Corkscrew Story is tounge in here it is!!!!



From a very early age, almost as soon as I could talk, I have wanted to collect things. Firstly it was just detritus from the street most of which I saw for the very first time and so found curious and fascinating. My parents encouraged me and so soon I had a dead hedgehog, lots of twigs and leaves and other stuff  which I kept in my secret box. As I got older I started two more collections, postage stamps and train numbers. Both of these I liked as they don’t take up much space, and collecting train numbers didn’t cost much because I lived near the main line between London and Edinburgh. Also with train numbers its possible to get a complete set. That’s what I liked about them.

When I was about ten I decided to start collecting experiences, which I wrote up in my diary, every time I had a new one, and then kept them locked up in my secret box. These I didn’t want to share with anybody. As I approached adolescence I discovered alcohol, including wine. I found an unopened bottle but was then confronted with a problem. Viz. a cork, which I had no way of removing from the bottle. After many hours trying I invented an object for removing the cork. This I affectionately named a corkscrew. Thinking I had been very clever, I showed it to my only friend who informed me that it had already been invented. I stupidly thought that if I collected all the corkscrews in the world and destroyed them then people would have to buy mine. This was not to be easy. After I had obtained a few, I discovered that I actually liked them and wanted to get more. After I amassed about ten thousand of the things I discovered Mr. Webb’s website, which I have enjoyed very much. But now I think I might collect something else. Barbie dolls springs to mind, so if anybody has any they want to swap for some of my rusty old bits of metal , let me know.


Ron Smith


Does anyone in the corkscrew world know Ron personally, I would love to know more about him!!! He does not respond well to my direct questions!

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John - 30/08/2013

probably the corkscrews online guy pulling your leg.
roger - 30/08/2013

The corkscrews online guy ?????

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