Deal Done!!

Posted: 02/08/2013

The last two weeks have been great for corkscrew finds, deals have been done. I have managed to pick up a near perfect Royal Club, the version without rollers which is very uncommon along with a very nice BB Wells knife sharpener combo and a 2 pillar.

The BB Wells I have not had before so I guess it must be pretty rare. The 2 pillar may be Silver, I intend to get it tested in the comming weeks, it is not ferrous nor magnetic. It is not solid nickel as nickel is magnetic, again it's in great condition.

The bottom image shows a similar 2 pillar that belonged in a well known collection from the 90's, it is marked DOUGHTY and WEST STRAND, this piece is Silver. The two corkscrews are very similar, and may have been made by the same maker, both are undoubtedly English.










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